Car-Clips Personalized
Walk-Around Videos
Engage Customers Instantly.
Boost Conversions Effortlessly.

Personalized walk-around videos sent right to the customers phone, these videos make car shopping fun and interactive. Plus, they give your dealership warm leads with customer name phone number and their vehicle preferences.

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You will receive a personalized walkaround right to your phone.
A Continuous, Evolving Narrative.
Customer explores the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on the car dealer's website.
Customer submits a question or expresses interest in a specific vehicle.
Customer clicks on the Car-Clips walkaround button requesting a video.
The system generates a tailored walkaround video, addressing the customer's specific questions, highlighting areas of interest, and comparing features with any previously purchased vehicles.
The personalized video, complete with custom narration, is sent directly to the customer's phone.
The customer explores another Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) and requests a new video. The new video remembers and expands upon the content discussed in previous videos.
Hyper Personalized Interactions are the Future of Car Sales
Captivating Customers,
Driving Sales,
and Building Loyalty

Hyper personalization is revolutionizing car sales by delivering unique, tailored experiences that resonate deeply with each individual customer.

  • Enhanced Customer Interaction:
    Personalized videos provide a more engaging and interactive experience for customers.
  • Generates Warm Leads.
  • Personal Touch:
    Personalization can make the customer feel valued, increasing the likelihood of a positive buying experience.
  • Immediate Information:
    Customers receive information quickly, helping in faster decision-making.
  • Qualified Leads:
    Each video request generates a warm lead, including the customer’s phone number and the vehicle of interest.
  • Higher Conversion Rates:
    Personalized interaction can lead to higher chances of converting leads into sales.
  • Faster Sales Cycle:
    On-demand videos can accelerate the sales process by providing immediate and pertinent information.
  • Stand Out:
    Differentiates your dealership from competitors who do not offer this personalized service.
  • Time-Saving:
    Sales staff can efficiently create and send videos
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Instant Engagement, Warm Leads, Higher Sales.
Start today by offering On Demand Personalized Walk Around Videos Delivered Directly to the Customers Phone.
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