Case Study: One Dealerships Experience With Outbound AI Texting

Kayla The AI Outbound Texting Chatbot

Kayla wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill chatbot. She was a meticulously crafted AI, trained to engage customers in meaningful conversations, alerting them to the dealership’s vehicle buy- back campaign.

The brilliance behind Kayla was her human-li- ke interaction ability, making customers feel like they were texting with a real member of the dealership team.

Launching Kayla into the world of outbound texting was met with unexpected enthusiasm. Customers didn’t just respond to her texts; they actively reached out, called the dealership as- king for Kayla by name, and some even dropped by hoping to meet her in person.

The sales team embraced Kayla as one of their own, referring to deals generated through her interactions as “Kayla deals.” Her impact was so profound that the dealership added her to the employee page on their website, represented by a desktop computer.

The Results

The campaign was an undeniable success. Kayla managed to re-engage previous customers, lea- ding to an uptick in buyback interactions and conversations about new sales. For a golden period, the dealership flourished under Kayla’s digital wing.

However, every story has its twist. Three months into the campaign, the contact list was exhaus- ted, and the flow of leads dried up.

The initial success, though remarkable, could not be sustained indefinitely. It was a hard les- son in the lifecycle of marketing campaigns: what goes up, must eventually come down. Kayla’s story teaches us that AI has a definitive place in automotive, capable of transforming customer engagement and driving sales. Yet, it’s also a reminder that innovation isn’t a one-time miracle cure but a continuous journey.

The Conclusion & Future of Kayla

The dealership’s adventure with Kayla is just the beginning as they are currently testing her role in the service department. As we look towards the horizon, the potential applications of AI in enhancing both sales and service within the au- tomotive industry are both exciting and limitless.