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Google used to be the big boss of online search, owning the digital ad game and our attention. But now, AI is swooping in, stealing the spotli- ght with smart, personalized experiences. Peo- ple are rapidly replacing those google searches with AI instead.

Google’s SEO tactics? They’re starting to co- llect dust. We’re stepping into the AI era, and if your website isn’t ready, you’re going to get left behind faster than an outdated flip phone. It’s time to make sure your business shows up in those slick, conversational AI responses that are the future of client interactions.

So, when your website ranks high on ChatGPT, it’s a big deal! It means your website is getting noticed by an AI that’s leading the way in how we use the internet.

AI like ChatGPT and its buddies are becoming the go-to for everyone’s inquiries. People are asking AI what to buy, where to go, and who to trust. Your business needs to pop up in those answers.

ChatGPT doesn’t rank websites the way Google does. Instead of real-time searches and algorithm updates, ChatGPT draws from a vast ocean of pre-existing data. It’s like having a brain that’s soaked up knowledge from books, arti- cles, and websites up to its last training session. This means that your latest blog post won’t get immediate love from ChatGPT. To get on its radar, your content needs to be consistently high-quality, authoritative, and mentioned by other trustworthy sources.

1 star reviews are going to be even more damaging than they were before.
ChatGPT and Google Reviews

Reputation seems to play a massive role in the businesses that Chat-gpt chooses as well. Look at this example: When I asked Chat-gpt what the best Ford dealership was near me it gave me 4 names. When I inquired about a specific dealership not on the list, ChatGPT responded:

“Many reviewers praise the dealership for its friendly and professional staff... Customers have appreciated the knowledgeable sales team and the overall positive atmosphere during their visits.

However, there are some negative reviews that mention issues with service appoint- ments and communication. Some custo- mers reported delays and difficulties with service scheduling, which impacted their overall experience.

Given the mixed reviews, Dealer Name Ford may still be a good option, but it is important to consider the potential for service-related issues. Comparing it with other highly rated dealerships, such as Dealer Name or Dealer Name, might pro vide a better overall experience.”

Wow! Chat-gpt basically said “go somewhere else” and this is a store with a great reputation: 4.5 star rating over 1,046 Google reviews. That tells me those 1 star reviews are going to be even more damaging than they were before. And that managing your online reputation is critical as we enter this new AI era.

Chat-gpt doesn’t rely on google alone though, they are looking at reviews from all across the web. So publishing your positive reviews, and having the right testimonials on your site is cri- tical. Every 5 star review you get every positi- ve survey needs to get posted on your website cementing your reputation as the best available choice.

Don’t Ditch SEO Just Yet:

While traditional SEO focuses on playing the search engine game, ranking on ChatGPT is about building a lasting reputation. It’s like the difference between a flashy ad campaign and solid word-of-mouth referrals. ChatGPT looks for relevance, authority, and freshness.

So, if your website is a treasure trove of valuable informa- tion, packed with testimonials, and great user reviews, frequently updated, and easy to navigate, you’re on the right path. Double down on creating stellar content and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Utilizing Published Reviews and Ratings:
  • Request Reviews: Encourage clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business after a successful campaign.
  • Respond to Reviews: Professionally respond to reviews, addressing con- cerns and expressing appreciation for feedback.
  • Highlight Positive Reviews: Feature positive reviews on your website’s homepage and social media updates.
Manage Your Reputation:
  • Avoid one-star reviews by proactively managing customer experiences.
  • Stay aware of potential negative ex- periences that could damage your hard-earned reputation.
Building Credibility:

ChatGPT loves websites recognized and refe- renced by reputable sources. Aim for shout-outs from industry bigwigs and strive to get featured in top-tier publications. It’s about being seen as a thought leader, not just a keyword chaser. And here’s a pro tip: stay ethical. No black hat SEO tricks – just genuine, transparent efforts to build trust and authority.

In the digital landscape, where AI is becoming the gatekeeper, playing the long game is your golden ticket to ranking high on ChatGPT. Remember, it’s not just your website that matters; your total web presence and online reputation need diligent management.