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Typical Mistakes In The Average Dealer Website.


  • Slow load times.
    There are many reasons the majority of dealer websites load so slow, From too many plugins, to poor optimization, and a total lack of mobile first thinking. The trouble is we know that users bounce rates skyrocket after the 5 second mark. What does that mean to your overall business? An e-commerce site making $10,000 per day, with an additional 1 second page delay, experiences $250,000 per year in lost sales.
  • Difficult Navigation & Complex Search.
    So many websites create unnecessary obsticles for their customers to get to the information they are looking for. Do you think a customer wants to fill in a complicated search form specifying engine size, tire size, tow package,floormat pattern and seatbelt color? Or do you think they want to click once and see every Truck on the lot immediately? Even if the filteres are optional they still clutter the page, distract the user, and complicate decision making.
  • Endless Third Party Plugins.
    Most dealers have 3 or 4 third party plugins on their website. It's a common mistake to add more choices in fear of losing business. The problem is you're only adding confusion. Links that go to other domains, iframe windows where content doesn't fit or scroll properly, not to mention a completley different asthetic to the Brand you have worked hard to build. Customer's like to know they are dealing with a brand they know and trust, not being passed off to a stranger.
  • Inventory Paging.
    There's a reason being on the second page of google is the same as being on the 50th, That's because no-one looks past page #1. While it's true customers are slightly more tolerant to paging on retail sites it's still a huge friction point for the user. That's why we implement infinite scrolling where inventory is lazy-loaded to the bottom of the page as you scroll without the need for unecessary page clicks.


  • Endless Third Party Plugins.
    Most dealers have 3 or 4 third party plugins on their website. Each one charging you a monthly fee for your own traffic that you attracted to your own website. Why are you adding artificial costs to the customer onboarding experience. Get rid of the plugins, add that money to your social ads budget, drive 4 times the traffic to your site, and onboard them through the built in engagement dialogs.
  • Lack of Support.
    Remember the telephone game where each person whispers a message in the ear of the person beside them? By the end of the line the message is significanlty different. Most Dealer website providers have a complicated hiarchy of Sales Staff & Ticketing Systems, sometimes passing through 1 or 2 additional companies before a request finally ends up in front of a programmer or engineer. If the programmer has a question it has to to take that path 2 or three more times.
    Everyone on our staff is part of the design team. Text us? Someone will answer within 15 minutes. Call for a text change? We'll make the update while you are on the phone.
  • Persistent Data.
    Ever make a change to a vehicle listing on your website only to have it dissapear every night when the feed updates? With UX AUTO Mission Control you have the ability to lock changes to both pricing and descriptions. So they won't update from the feed again until you want them to.
  • Inflexible Design.
    Often Dealers are limited to the changes they can make with their own website. Only allowing for minor text changes within the strict rules of the template they have chosen We don't limit creativity. Have a great idea that will drastically improve customer experience or conversion rates? Let's give it a try!
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